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Please read before applying for employment with Altair Virtual Airlines.

Flight Simulator Version:  You must have either FS2004 (FS9) or FSX to join Altair Virtual Airlines. We are unable to process checkrides, central to the Altair experience, for older versions of MS Flight Simulator.

Minimum Age Requirement: Because of legal issues we have established a minimum age requirement for employment. Effective 3/23/03 all applicants must be 14 years of age or older to be accepted as a pilot with Altair Virtual Airlines.

As a pilot for Altair Virtual Airlines you'll experience a virtual career unlike any you've seen before. Pilots are the life-blood of AVA and we take their care seriously. Our company goes to great lengths to offer a rewarding environment to work in, offering challenges to virtual pilots serious about participating.

We are seeking individuals serious about flying with our airline. We also offer excellent learning opportunities for new pilots at the Altair Virtual Airline Flight School. If you are interested and willing to make a commitment than this may be the last application you'll ever complete.

Instructions: Complete the application below. Read the "Conditions for Employment" carefully. If you agree to these terms, then so indicate and press "continue." Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Before we will consider your application, you must pass a written examination of basic aeronautical knowledge. Once you pass the exam, your application will be forwarded to our Hiring Committee. If accepted you will be temporarily assigned to our Flight School at KLGB Long Beach, California (USA) for processing. A Flight Instructor will contact you with directions on how to proceed with the training and checkride.

All candidates will be required to complete a checkride prior to being released from our training division to an operational hub. While assigned to training, at least one flight report must be filed every two weeks to maintain active status. Inactive sturdents will be released. Upon passing a VFR checkride, you may transfer to a hub where you will be required to log a minimum of three hours every 30 days. 

You must have a valid email address. We will email you instructions on how to set up a pilot account within our system via email to the address you supply. If you do not get a response from our hiring committee within 48 hours please send an email to ceo@altairva.com asking for assistance.

Enter Your Full Name

Note: All pilots must maintain a valid email address. If email is bounced from this email account then the application will be automatically rejected. 

Enter Your Email Address

Re-enter Your Email Address

Enter Your Location (City, State, Country)

Note: Because of legal issues we can not accept applications from anyone younger than 14 years of age.

Enter Your Age

Please indicate which hub you would like to be assigned to after training

Do you have real world flight experience?
Yes  No

If yes please explain:

Have you flown for another virtual airline?
Yes  No

If yes, which airline?

Note: Altair Virtual Airlines will recognize hours from another virtual airline however your name must appear on a roster with that airline showing the hours you have flown. 

Are you claiming hours from another virtual airline?
Yes  No

If yes please indicate the airline name and web address below:

Which version of Flight Simulator do you use (your primary version)

Note: You must have either FS2004/FS9 or FSX to join.

Do you fly online?
Yes  No

Please tell us where you heard about Altair Virtual Airlines.

Please identify any special skills you may have that you feel will help in your career with Altair Virtual Airlines:

Please provide a brief statement explaining what you are seeking by joining Altair Virtual Airlines:

Conditions for Membership:

1. By submitting this application you acknowledge that the information you have provided is true and accurate and that you understand if any fraudulent information is provided on this application you may be immediately dismissed from Altair Virtual Airlines.

2. By submitting this application you acknowledge that you are required to maintain an active email account while a member of this airline and that failure to keep an active email account or to keep your pilot profile up to date with your active email address is grounds for dismissal.

3. By submitting this application you acknowledge that you will be required to demonstrate your piloting skills by completing a checkride prior to being assigned to a hub using either FS2004/FS9 or FSX.

4. By submitting this application you acknowledge that you are required to fly and log a minimum of 1 flight every two weeks while a student, and a minimum of 3 hours every 30 days thereafter, as a condition of continued membership

5. By submitting this application you acknowledge that you are at least 14 years of age.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the aforementioned Conditions for Employment.
Yes   No



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