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Guarulhos, as it is known, is the International Airport for the metropolis of São Paulo and place of departure and arrival for flights to all places in the world. Together with the nearby airports of SBSP (Congonhas) and SBKP (Viracopos) this terminal area is Latin America’s busiest and of the major in the whole world.


Guarulhos, como é conhecido, é o principal aeroporto internacional da metrópole de São Paulo com partidas e chegadas de diversos cantos do mundo. Junto aos aeroportos próximos como SBSP (Congonhas) e SBKP (Viracopos) esta área terminal é a mais movimentadas da America Laina e uma das maiores do mundo.

Flexibility and Outstanding training

Altair prides himself of being one of the best organized VA’s in the world attracting a breed of pilots of many different nationalities at this point in time who cherish the freedom of flying any route, any aircraft, anytime, either “offline” or “online” with the different networks available.

Our training programs are second to none and our ranks grow every day with admission of new pilots who spend time at our Academy at the begining of their careers. The whole membership exchange experiences and friendship at the Altair’s forums in a friendly and respectful environment which attracts the participation of many pilots regardless their command of the English language, the language of the aviation, making it an ideal opportunity to further advance on its knowledge.

Flexibilidade e Excelente Treinamento

A Altair se orgulha de ser uma das mais organizadas VA's do mundo atraindo pilotos de varias nacionalidades que podem voar a qualquer tempo "online ou offline", qualquer rota, aeronave ou rede disponível.

Nossos programas de treinamento são excelentes, nossos "ranks" crescem todos os dias com a admissão de novos pilotos que iniciam suas carreiras em nossa academia. Existe uma grande troca de informações em nossos foruns, independente do domínio do inglês "língua oficial da aviação", sempre em um ambiente respeitoso e amistoso, que também se torna um bom local para melhorar a nossa fluência no idioma.

Hub Notices 

What you always wanted to know...
Do you need more information regarding the restructuring taking place in South America? Want to know how can you participate of this new promising times for Altair? Interested in a management career? Would you like to suggest new ideas for our operations? Are there any issues you want see resolved?

Please write (either in English or Portuguese) to your new Operations Director for Americas, Santanu Nandy.

The world is yours!
Like any Altair pilot you can choose the “hub” of your choice either PAX or CARGO. If you want change your current hub assignment just click HERE! to make your transfer. Invite also your friends who have not yet experienced the challenges and the joys of flying with an international Virtual Airline, to the join the best one... Altair Virtual Airlines. Registration is very simple and from day one you will feel the difference! Join HERE!

Let us go flying...
If you were one of those pilots who were not interested in the format of the group flights sponsored by the former South American Division of Altair, this is the time to renew your flying experience. At Altair you have the freedom of choice... you can fly both offline or online with ALL of your hours accounted for and working towards future promotion to higher ranks in conjunction with our checkrides and written examinations.

Just ask, help is available And with the new hub and divisional management your flying style will be supported all the way, regardless of your preferences. Just ask for help, if you need to, and you will surprised by the support you will get.

As an Altair pilot you need to fly and log a minimum of 10 hours for the past 90 days. And, if you need to take a break you can always request a LOA (leave of absence) if necessary. Come on, let us go flying!


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